Bedford Hospital

Bedford Hospital is a relatively small but very friendly DGH. It is an ideal place to learn the craft of surgery. Out trainees always find the senior staff very supportive and approachable. As there is less competition for surgical cases than in the larger hospitals, trainees have ample opportunity to get to theatre. Filling a log book is  not usually a problem! There is also plenty of opportunity to attend OPD, where appropriate supervision is given. Trainees are actively encouraged to attend all regional teaching, and there is also good quality local training.

Our surveys show that in recent years the core trainees have been highly satisfied with their time at Bedford Hospital and would recommend it. And we enjoy having them!

Small to mid-size DGH

Serves a population of 270 000

Surgical Specialties:

Regional centre for Vascular Surgery (Bedford, Milton Keynes, Luton)

General Surgery: UGI, Colo-rectal, Breast


Orthopaedics (no spinal service)

Plastic surgery


Core Surgical Training:

We have four General Surgical Core Trainees (CT 1 and CT 2). Each spends six months in vascular, colo-rectal, UGI/Breast and urology.

On call is done on the Junior clinical fellow rota. This is shared between general surgery, orthopaedics and urology, and all 3 specialties are covered after hours.

Senior cover is provided by ST3 or above.

In hours work is done in the specific specialty.


The hospital is a 10 minute walk from Bedford train station. There are fast train services in to London.

By car it is midway between the M1 jn 13 and the A1. It lies on the A6.

Direct trains to Luton airport and Gatwick.

What our trainees say about us:

“As a core surgical trainee at Bedford, I feel that I have developed a solid foundation of essential skills in the emergency and elective setting. There is good access to theatres with training opportunities from consultants and registrars. I have felt very supported by senior colleagues during my placements, and I am encouraged to attend theatres and clinics at every opportunity.”

“Lots of opportunities to attend theatre with keen trainers”

“Friendly hospital, helpful nursing staff, induction was well organised.HR also very helpful”

Mr Phillip Edge

Orthopaedic Surgeon, Bedford Hospital